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The Bestiary

Give us this day our daily beast

The Daily Beast
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Welcome to the Bestiary!

The Daily Beast is a collaboration between Nikki Thayer (curioustwibbit) and Anna Smith (littlelemming3). Generally, Nikki does the pictures and sends them to Anna, who then does the words - but sometimes we mix it up a little for kicks. We dig deep into the dusty corners of our imaginations to bring you new and exciting beasts to wonder at each day!

Suggestions/requests (in the form of drawings, poems, prose, or thoughts) are always accepted and may even be used. Leave them in the comments, or send us an email at thedailybeast@gmail.com.

Please note that while we will try to make this a daily feature, we do not operate on a strict schedule, and some beasts can be very reluctant to make their way onto the page in a timely manner.

Enjoy the bestiality - and please, Do Feed The Animals!